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Starting off their career in the late ’90s as Terra Tenebrae, Soulskinner are veterans in the field, and legends in the Greek death metal scene, featuring original Thou Art Lordvocalist Gothmog, and current Thou Art Lord guitarist/keyboardist Bill Zobolas. The release of Subconscious back in 1999 (under their previous name) signaled the beginning of their extreme sonic visions. The band changed their name in 2000, releasing Bleeding The Grotesque in 2003 and Non Stop Killing in 2007. A split with Vorkreist and a four way split with fellow Greek bands Kawir, Nergal and Embrace of Thorns led to their third albumCrypts of Ancient Wisdom, which seems to find them at their best.

When it comes to death metal, it really does not get much better than what Soulskinner have in store for us on their latest record, Crypts of Ancient Wisdom. The vibe that they awaken is astonishing, taking the best the genre had to offer from the late ’80s and early ’90s but with a modern twist to it. Soulskinner can hit you quite easily with their all-guns-blazing tactic, as they do with moments of “The Captive Trojan Maiden” and the sudden outbreaks of “Life A Bane.” There are times when a more thrashy approach is undertaken, resulting in moments such as “Thou Shalt Die,” or when a more primitive proto-death metal strategy is followed, bringing songs such as “The Furies’ Hymn.” But where they really shine is when their mid-tempo groove comes to the surface. In both the aforementioned songs, they move quite easily between tempos, making sure they retain your attention as the tracks progress. The vibe that is awakened in “Deadland Pt. 2” and the militaristic quality of “Deadland Pt. 1” unveil that side of the band, with moments even bringing them close to a Bolt Thrower-esque characteristic sound, as it happens in “Our Greatest Curse.” They can even slow it down in terms of speed with songs such as “Death At Last” creating a torturous offering in the process before they allow the sickening groove to come back in.

As a result, Soulskinner are able to maximize the weight of their songs, aided mainly by their mid-tempo parts. “Life A Bane” and “Our Greatest Curse” are heavy as shit, with breakdowns in songs such as “The Price of War” being able to bring down walls. The drums help make the process more overwhelming with some very creative ideas and fluid playing. From the insane blasts coming out of nowhere in “Life A Bane” and the frantic changes in “The Price of War” they dictate the rhythm of the album, alongside the huge-sounding bass. In “The Furies’ Hymn” they give the raw aura to the song, while their frenzied approach in “Thou Shalt Die” really elevates the track to another level.

Similarly captivating is the lead work in the album. The hellish melodies in “The Captive Trojan Maiden” bring the perspective that Soulskinner will follow into light. On “Our Greatest Curse” the lead work shines, giving a more melodic input to the music with its free flowing quality, while the insane sounding parts in “The Furies’ Hymn” seem to be coming from an all different sonic dimension. Even though the guitar seems to be leaning towards the more melodic side, there are instances when it is just unforgiving. The parts in “Thou Shalt Die” bring to mind a Morbid Angel mentality, with the dissonance at a rise. That becomes apparent in multiple parts of the album, with the most exciting ones being the agonising leads in “Death At Last” and the insane solo in “Why Shrink From Death.” Consider at the same time the deep growls of Gothmog laying waste in “The Price Of War,” “Deadland Pt. 1” and especially in “Deadland Pt. 2” with that in your face approach to them, and that is just a stunning combination.

Apart from all that, there are a couple of interesting twists that Soulskinner send our way. The intro and outro to the album are quite unexpected, starting off with the acoustic guitar melodic bits, before the death metal brutality comes in. In the case of the outro, the band even includes a cool sample of machinery at work, just to create an even colder vibe for the end of their record. That is not the only instance, samples are used, since that also happens in “The Price of War” with the gunshots being a constant warning as the song unfolds. But, the most intriguing moment would have to be “Why Shrink From Death” as Soulskinner unfold the song with the use of keyboards to lay down the foundations of the track. The result is a very menacing and dark part, with the keys continuing even after all the other instruments and vocals have joined in, making it one of the highlights of the album.

In terms of death metal, Soulskinner really deliver with their latest album. Crypts of Ancient Wisdom is exactly as it should be: brutal at its core, featuring both melodic and dissonant parts and a sickening groove.

A great review from Voices of The Darkside!

Soulskinner from Athens, Greece are already active since 2000 and have released their third full-length via Xtreem Music in late 2014. After a short intro, the band starts with the first tunes and immediately remind me of mighty BOLT THROWER, so the direction of the band is clear. Old school Death Metal, which nowadays is as popular as it used to be back in the early 90s. Also it seems to become a movement against the modern styled Metal bands, who seem to be even more popular. But this band worships these old days with the right respect. The popular deep grunts are used, as well as low-tuned guitars with a dirty rotten sound, drumming, varying between fast and slow and the typical lead melodies. What makes their sound more variable is the careful use of keyboards and also the careful incorporated Doom Metal parts, which appear from time to time and spark a very dark mood. In some tracks they increase the tempo, like in ‘The Price Of War’, before a wrecking ball like ‘Our Greatest Curse’ slows down the tempo and brings back the stench of the British Death Metal of the 90s. The production is clear and old school sounding, while the drum sound rumbles a bit too much sometimes and make this record sound like a demo release from time to time. But this does not affect the whole picture too much, as the material is fine and recommendable for all fans of this genre and a lot of the Voices readers. An interesting idea was, to write a song in two chapters and put both onto one album in a row. ‘Deadland’ offers all what Death / Doom Metal lunatics are yearning for. The first part is more mid-paced Death Metal, while the second part offers finest Death Metal with a touch of Gothic / Doom and a fine lead melody. For all worshippers of the good old Death Metal days, I can recommend to check this output out and again, Dave Rotten shows his fine taste for underground bands.,
Michael Kujawska

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Το συγκεκριμένο συγκρότημα είναι στην ουσία 2 άνθρωποι. Δεν έχω κάτι προσωπικό με τους Κώστα Σαββίδη (drums) και Σπύρο Τ. (κιθάρες), αλλά το εν λόγω συγκρότημα και η πορεία του έχει στηριχτεί σε μεγάλο βαθμό στην συνεργασία μεταξύ El και Gothmog, μεταξύ Βασίλη Ζόμπολα και Γιάννη Χιωτέλλη. Από τις μέρες που το συγκρότημα λεγόταν Terra Tenebrae (φανταστικός δίσκος των Subconscious), και μετά στην συνύπαρξή τους στους Thou Art Lord, αλλά και στους Soulskinner, την φυσική συνέχεια των Terra Tenebrae.

Ο δίσκος αυτός είναι ένας ξεκάθαρα βαρύς Ευρωπαϊκός death metal δίσκος. Τονίζω το Ευρωπαϊκός, για να μην περιμένετε να ακούσετε Αμερικάνικες death metal συνθέσεις με δυσαρμονίες και λοιπά και λοιπά. Ίσως σε κάποια σημεία να φέρνουν στο μυαλό τους Bolt Thrower, αλλά στο «πολεμικό» του ύφους κυρίως, όπως στο “The Price Of War”. Asphyx, Autopsy, Vader και Dismember είναι τα πρώτα ονόματα που έρχονται στο μυαλό.

Το 2007 οι Soulskinner είχαν κυκλοφορήσει το “Non Stop Killing”. Εκείνος ο δίσκος είχε περισσότερα «χρώματα» από ότι ο τελευταίος τους. Και σε κυριολεκτικό αλλά και σε μεταφορικό επίπεδο, οι διαφορές των εξώφυλλων δείχνουν σε μεγάλο βαθμό και τις διαφορές στο περιεχόμενο του δίσκου.

Όλες οι συνθέσεις είναι των Ζόμπολα και Gothmog, ενώ ο Ζόμπολας ανέλαβε εξ’ ολοκλήρου το κομμάτι της μίξης και του mastering. Ιδιαίτερη μνεία πρέπει να γίνει για τα drums του δίσκου, όπου έχει γίνει εξαιρετική δουλειά. Drums με αρκετό χώρο και αέρα στον ήχο. Drums με ύφος, όχι μόνο απλά «ανελέητο κοπάνημα». Και γενικότερα στην παραγωγή του δίσκου έχει γίνει προσεγμένη και ωραία δουλειά. Θα μπορούσα ίσως να πω ότι σε κάποια σημεία θα ήθελα λίγο πιο μπροστά τις ρυθμικές, αλλά είναι τελείως υποκειμενικό αυτό.

Όπως ανέφερα και νωρίτερα, το “The Price Of War”, με τον Bolt Thrower αέρα του, είναι ένα από τα κομμάτια που ξεχωρίζουν. Ο ογκώδες-thrash-που-παίρνει-κεφάλια ρυθμός του, σε κερδίζει από την αρχή που σκάει το κομμάτι. Όπως σε κερδίζει και το “Why Shrink From Death” με το πολύ ατμοσφαιρικό και ψαρωτικό ταυτόχρονα πιάνο στην αρχή, το οποίο συνεχίζει την ίδια μελωδία σε (σχεδόν) κατατονικό τόνους καθ όλη την διάρκεια του τραγουδιού.

Οι δύο βασικοί συντελεστές είναι «ταγμένοι» στο death και στοblack metal. Και υπηρετούν και τα 2 είδη με συνέπεια. Βέβαια, πολύ πιθανόν οι ίδιοι να μην τα διακρίνουν ως ξεχωριστά, αλλά αυτό είναι λεπτομέρεια. Το θέμα είναι ότι συνεχίζουν εδώ και χρόνια να δίνουν αξιόλογες δουλειές με σταθερά υψηλό επίπεδο ποιότητας.


Soulskinner is a four piece death metal band from Athens, Attica. Members are: Gothmog- Vocals, Bill-Guitars/bass, Spiros-Guitars, Kostas-Drums.

Crypts of Ancient Wisdom released on October 15 2014 through Xtreem Music. This album consist of twelve tracks. It begins with a clean strumming acoustic. Melodic and unassuming. When the second song hits, you know right away this some heavy and brutal music. Vocals are very low which I enjoy a lot. Devastating guttural like old Monstrosity or Death. Energetic and intense album from beginning to end. The Furies Hymn has some catchy and memorable solos at the end making it worthy of spinning several times. This is followed by Deadland part1. Crushing verses and demonic vocals, this is one of my favorites. Deadland part2 is equally strong and offers more complexity and progression. Why Shrink From Death starts with an interesting intro, haunting and mind altering another one on my favorites list. The keyboard melody reminds me of classic horror films from Dario Argento. I like how the entire track builds into a savage and pummeling song.

In conclusion, the album is deeply rooted in the classic death metal from the 90s era. The intros and outros are in line with the likes of good 70s horror films. I recommended for fans of Sinister, old Hypocrisy, Immolation, Grave and old Morbid Angel. ~Artemortifica

We’ve been observed.‪#‎themetalobserver‬

Xtreem Music’s dedication to all things old school—death, thrash, and otherwise—is nothing short of commendable, as evidenced by its extensive catalog of classic reissues to brand spanking new releases that sound stripped from a bygone but not forgotten era. Recent acquisition, Soulskinner, having previously released two albums on Sleaszy Rider Records, fits snugly at home on the Spanish label, a partnership that couldn’t be perfected even if all the gods under the human pantheon insisted. The new release, Crypts of Ancient Wisdom, is everything one could expect from the union and it’s a nice change of pace from all the other death metal releases that still play homage to the days of yore.


Instead of a gargled production and barely recognizably distinct riffs or a low end that will kill your speakers if turned too loud, which seems to be all the rage among old school patrons, especially the Finns, Soulskinner plays with such amazing clarity that there’s no pretension about it. The initial vibe one gets is actually quite simple in composition but faithfully engrained in a style established by several notable Dutch bands, such as Pestilence and Asphyx, with Sinister being the most obvious and strongest foothold for inspiration.


The catchy and at times groovy riffs can certainly recall Diabolical Summoning, for instance, perhaps in their stylistic similarities and galloping pace or their perfectly timed pitch in the structuring, and the leads, too, which aren’t technical showcases but grittier than a sheet of P12 sandpaper. When the opening riffs of “Deadlands Part 1” kick in Pestilence’s Testimony of the Ancients promptly comes to mind, and shortly thereafter, to drift away slightly from the Dutch theme, there is a total Dismember salute that has a melodic Massive Killing Capacity touch without being completely plagiarized, a fine line indeed, but one that Soulskinner knows not to cross so as to establish absolute ownership of the material.


Indeed, even among Obituary and Bolt Thrower styled chugging the imitation is more respectful than appropriated, a visitation that is as brief and thoughtfully arranged as it is flirtatious and reworked in new contexts, which gives the whole piece an identity all its own. An odd but fitting amalgamation this is, one that Soulskinner has traced with enough dignity and grace to keep the style relevant, but also with enough boldness to make it tirelessly new and exciting.

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Año: 2014
Sello: Xtreem Music
País de origen: Grecia

Escuché el disco antes de ponerme a buscar información sobre la banda. Lo primero que pensé es “son españoles, estoy seguro”. Por qué pensé eso? Pues porque suenan tan calcinantes y bestiales como las bandas españolas de Death Metal, no muy lejos de grupazos como Graveyard, Bokluk y Morbid Flesh, por citar tan sólo algunos (No, el hecho de haber sido editados por Xtreem Music no influyó en mi pensamiento). Pero no, no son españoles: son griegos, como sus geniales compatriotas de Dead Congregation, aunque Soulskinner van por otra senda, más allá de ciertas (e innegables) similitudes. Lo de Soulskinner es más lento, arrastrado y bélico, con influencias de Asphyx, Deathevokation (las melodías entre épicas y melancólicas, contrastando con la violencia aplastante que emerge de las canciones, me hizo recordar a Deathevokation), Bolt Thrower y otros grupos que prefieren la pesadez antes que la velocidad, sin por ello poner en riesgo lo esencial: hacer buen Death Metal. Así nos encontramos con un disco que te tritura con el sonido ultragrave de las guitarras y el bajo, que te sofoca con los ritmos monolíticos, duros y firmes (a veces rápidos, casi siempre a medio tempo, lento en muchas partes, casi Doom), y una voz de ultratumba que encaja a las mil maravillas entre tanta pudrición. Aires bélicos que se entrelazan con el fétido olor a muerte que emana de las tumbas abiertas que nos exhiben cuando deciden ir por el lado más morboso del género, jugando con el horror, la muerte, la sangre y la locura en todas sus formas. Canciones que sobresalen del resto, tal es el caso de “The Price of War”, “The Furies’ Hymn”, o la saga “Deadland Pt.1” y “Deadland Pt.2”, todos verdaderos mazazos implacables que logran destacarse en un panorama parejo y positivo para el grupo.
“Crypts Of Ancient Wisdom” no me empuja a decir “gente, este es un disco fabuloso”, pero sí me empuja a decirles que estamos ante un buen disco de Death Metal, lleno de clichés revivalistas, pero que, en este caso, no provocan esa sensación de hastío que me generan algunas bandas que se limitan a copiar fórmulas que han sido usadas miles de veces. Claro, la pericia de los músicos implicados en el asunto debe jugar un rol preponderante en todo esto, ya que acá hay miembros y ex miembros de bandas como Nergal, Thou Art Lord, Rotting Christ y Necromantia. O sea, gente que tiene experiencia y sabe del tema. Así que ya saben, si andan buscando escuchar un disco de Death Metal más lento de lo habitual, muy pesado, sanguinario, y por sobre todas las cosas, bien hecho, Xtreem Music les trae el tercer disco full de estos griegos, que está bastante bien, realmente bien.


greek metal hamme  review on issue 361(1/2015)

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Cheers to Deadly Storm!

SOULSKINNER – Crypts of Ancient Wisdom
CD 2014, Xtreem Music
Rozdíl mezi realitou a fikcí je znám snad každému. Reálné je vyspat se s holkou od vedle a fikce bude pro většinu z nás žhavý večírek s oblíbenou pornohvězdou z filmů, na které se nikdo nedíváme (smích). V muzice to platí dvojnásob. Mám to nastavené tak, že mám raději reálně znějící death metal, než na počítačích uměle vytvořené soubory znějící navzájem velmi podobně. Přimhouřím oči nad kdejakou nedokonalostí, jen musím cítit z nahrávky, že ji hrají živí lidé. ŘečtíSOULSKINNER patří do škatule, zvané dnes „real death metal“. Jsou špinaví, temní, znějí neučesaně a nebojí se do toho pořádně hrábnout. Pro dnešního zhýčkaného posluchače budou pravděpodobně někdy až moc „primitivní“, ale pro mě jsou o to víc uvěřitelní. Pohybujeme se sice mezi mantinely, kdysi nastavenými třeba takovými ASPHYX, BOLT THROWER, GOREFEST, CARCASS, AUTOPSY a podobnými špinavci, ale té temnoty zde najdeme také nepřeberné množství. Občas jsem si při poslechu vzpomněl i na současné DESECRESY, se kterými spojuje Řeky záliba v dlouhých doomových vsuvkách.
Kapela pochází z překrásného města Atény a letošní deska je teprve jejich třetí v pořadí. Datum vzniku v roce 2000 napovídá, že se nejedná o žádné nováčky, ale o protřelé vlky, znající snad všechna zákoutí evropského undergroundu. Hudba na „Crypts of Ancient Wisdom“ pochází z dlouho nevětraných zákoutí nejhlubšího podsvětí. U dveří hlídá samotný trojhlavý pes Kerberos, který vás uvítá hned u vstupní brány. Za ruku vás pak vezme mistr Charón, zvláštní to převozník. Pro převoz přes řeku Styx vám stačí pár drobných a CD SOULSKINNER. To se na onom světě obzvlášť cení a pokud se rádi oháníte svoji zálibou v undergroundovém metalu, nemělo by rozhodně chybět ve vaší sbírce. Určitá „nedokonalost“ a nečistota v hudbě je všem spolkům hlásícím se k záhrobí vlastní a tak si nahrávku vychutná spíše fanoušek temnoty, než brutálních postupů. Tradičně vynikající je cover od mistra Marka Riddicka, který snad nemá podle mě slabý obal. Vystačí si sice jen s černou a bílou, ale ty kresby stojí opravdu za to.
Zvukově je vše příslušné a podřízené hranému stylu. Melodie jsou studené, kapela se nebojí nechat vyniknout v pomalých pasážích na povrch chlad a když se do toho pořádně opřou, lítá plesnivina na všechny strany. Rád se v podobných záležitostech přehrabuji a je mi moc příjemné na sebe nechat podobné shnilotiny působit. Vím moc dobře, že takovéto desky se dají „odsoudit“ několika řádky o nepůvodnosti a ne-přínosu světovému death metalu, jenže takhle já to vnímat neumím. Než abych rozumoval v diskuzích, tak se raději projdu venku se sluchátky na uších. Vždyť počasí death metalu šmrncnutému doomem přeje víc než kdy jindy. Kosti mi křehnou a smrt je zase o kousek blíž. Nevím, jak to máte nastavené vy, ale podzim je pro mě v mnohém krutější, než zima. Příroda, stejně jako SOULSKINNER, jakoby ještě neumřela. I když všichni moc dobře víme, že k tomu dojde každou chvíli. Oplakávat nebožtíky je na téhle desce zbytečné. Ožívají zde, vyprávějí své příběhy a pořádají nekonečné seance.
Poslouchám desku pořád dokola a najednou se ocitám za hřbitovní zdí. Jsem jen tichý pozorovatel reje nemrtvých. Přešlapuji nedočkavě v naději, kdy mě už vezmou mezi sebe, abych konečně pochopil, kde se ukrývá ten kdysi zapečetěný recept na dobrý death metal. Možná je ukryt někde hluboko, ve starodávných kryptách, pokrytý pavučinami a hnědočernou patinou věčnosti. SOULSKINNER citují z tohoto testamentu s ohořelými okraji s přehledem, svéráznou vehemencí a jistotou. Nad otevřenými hroby se vznáší ostré melodie oznamující další sešlost. Tématem dnešního večera je historie umírání. V Řecku o tom mají sáhodlouhé pojednání a zubem času prověřené postupy. Realita bývá někdy hodně krutá a setkání s ní ve vás zanechá nezhojitelné šrámy. Stejně jako ve mně nová deska „Crypts of Ancient Wisdom“. Odpočívám pohozený za posledním hrobem v řadě. A svět opět notně zčernal. Death metalové album, staré jako kosti vašich předků! Opravdový pozdrav ze záhrobí!
Asphyx says:
Open all grave and call undeads! Mess up all Crosses and listen to honest death metal! SOULSKINNER are publishing CD full of old school melodies this year. It´s cruel, evil, ugly, cutting, sadly doom, urgent, covered with cobwebs and has big energy. All fans of real old school death metal would have it in their collection. On „Crypts of Ancient Wisdom“ we meet cruelty , coldness and suffering. World is suddenly black! Death metal album, old as the bone of your ancestors. Real greeting from next world!

Another great review by Wonderbox Metal

This is the third album from Greek Death Metal band Soulskinner.

Soulskinner play Old-School Death Metal with plenty of heaviness and atmosphere.

Very early on the band establish that they are extremely proficient at recreating that raw, elemental feeling that you used to get when you were first getting into Death Metal and you were discovering new things all of the time; Soulskinner delve back into that bygone era when Death Metal was young and vibrant and it’s a joy to hear it.

The album is aptly named as it seems as if the band have discovered a crypt of ancient Death Metal know-how and the songs here strike an immediate chord with the listener. This is primal, atavistic Death Metal at its best, recalling the very early days of bands like Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Gorefest, Grave, Hypocrisy, Septic Flesh, Asphyx, etc.

The songs are full of graveyard atmosphere, rotting brutality and ancient intelligence. Quality riffs are thrown around like they’re going out of fashion and the level of songwriting skill is through the roof.

I love the small, but important, little details they add in. Whether this is a riff here, a drum fill there, a small piano part here, a malevolent melody there…it all adds up and these songs are just great.

This is a exceptional collection of songs. Fantastic riffs and occult melodies combine to create atmospherically brutal tracks of classic Death Metal.

As is fitting for a band like this, the vocals are flawless; deep, guttural, cavernous growls that sound inhuman and timeless.

It’s very easy to get bored of Old-School bands who just want to relive the past but add nothing to it. Soulskinner are different though, as they seem more like forgotten relics from a time gone past that have recently been unearthed to spread their plague anew. It may be old and rotten but it’s still as fresh as the dawn of the scene.

A very highly recommended listen. Soulskinner will rekindle your love of probably the first Extreme Metal genre you ever got into.

Infidel Amsterdam ‘s new video for 2014 best albums !! SOULSKINNER is honoured to be included here. you can watch the review on the video at 17:19-20:00 minutes but we suggest you to watch it all long cause it is more than interesting!!!
a big thank you to Ed Veter for all of this !! keep up the great and honest work!!!!

Review and interview for spanish magazine THIS IS METAL!!!

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A great review by the mighty brutalism

The ancients have awakened. Actually these beasts have never practically been asleep. Soulskinner is the evolution of Terra Tenebrae. A Greek band that featured members with highly respected presence (present and past) to the Greek (and not only) underground scene, in bands as Necromantia, Thou Art Lord, Rotting Christ and more. In 2000 they changed their name to Soulskinner and released two full length and two split vinyl records. A 7″ and a 10″. All this, just to make you understand that this new full length here is not from a band to be taken lightly. Heavy past here dudes and of course their new full has been awaited with high anticipation. A really dark and medieval intro breaks radio silence and sets the proper mood for the hearing. Their style has changed since their two first full lengths, and this is something someone can easily tell once the play button is pushed on this one.

The blasting moments (not competely vanished) and the razor sharp riffs, have given their place to slow crawling guitar themes that get surrounded by hellish leads, groovy drum parts and really hatefully dark growls. The boys have changed to better and this is something cheerful as lately a band changing makes people skeptical. So… intro gives its place to ‘The Captive Trojan Maiden’ and the swamp opens to devour you. Darkness all around their every moment. The classic thrashy drum patterns that all the old school bands used so much seems here so fitting. Great vocal flow and a great refrain are elements that make a song awesome in this genre and this one has it all. ‘Life A Bane’, ‘The Prince Of War’, ‘Our Greatest Curse’ and the massacre carries on in the same mood. The atmosphere is getting claustrophobic as the hearing proceeds. The songs are generous in length, all filled with great drum patterns and leads, that make the already cool riffing sound even better. All here are made to meet one cause. Dark ferocity and heaviness, all at once. And this is achieved. No blasting madness here and no technicalities. Only brutal old school material from a band that couldn’t be more expert in this type of death metal.

The enhancements between atmosphere and violence here are simply awesome. From ‘Deadlands 1’ and its ferocity, they take you to ‘Deadlands 2’ and you find yourself in an abyss of heaviness with the reek of demise and putrid flesh up your nose. And this is an element I believe as the strong point of “Crypts Of Ancient Wisdom”. This aura it carries, is really unmatched. The 90s era of death metal is present here and of course if this album was released back then, it would have been something we’d be referring to nowadays very often. The album carries on with 3 more songs in the same level of course as the previous ones and closes with an outro. The material is simply awesome and it get’s a big boost from the awesome production. Perfectly balanced between the instruments, but on the same time muddy enough to make the swamp Soulskinner creates even more threatening. The awesome cover artwork completes the perfect pack for the old school death metal fan. Definitely one of the best for 2014.

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Another great review by Metal Temple.

Greece has long ago cemented its place on the Extreme Metal map. Bands like ROTTING CHRIST and more recently BIO-CANCER and SUICIDAL ANGELS have been have been solidifying the countries reputation for putting out Extreme music. SOULSKINNER, although not the most well known band to come out of the country, have been playing some really sepulchral Death Metal for close to twenty years, fourteen of those under the nameSOULSKINNER. Since 2000, this band have put out two full lengths and two splits, and have recent released their third record, ” Crypts of Ancient Wisdom”. This is yet another slab of old school sounding Death Metal which matches up to the rest of their back catalogue.

The short intro track which opens this record is a really nice acoustic guitar piece, starting off as a single guitar, before becoming a twin guitar section. It builds some level of atmosphere straight from the start, and delivers on what this atmosphere promises when the first song, “The Captive Trojan Maiden” begins. It is very dark sounding, low fidelity Death Metal, very rooted in the old school sound. “Life a Bane” is very much the same, and has an air of BOLT THROWER about it, with its thick, gnarly riffs, tied in with some really nice guitar lines. “The Price of War” is a really brilliant song with a clear Punk influence, at least as far as the drums go. It’s ferocious and has even more brilliant guitar lines, and the song ends on the sound of gunfire. Throughout the next track, “Our Greatest Curse”, Bill Zobolas has clearly put out all the stops when it comes to the guitar work, which is absolutely fantastic on this song, mixing the crushing rhythmic dirge with some sweet melodic leads. “The Furies Hymn” is just straight forward, powerful Death Metal. Then it is time for the two part song “Deadland”, the first of the two songs being more mid-paced and straight forward, and the second being this thick, heavy sounding Death Metal track, with many of the riffs alluding to the likes of BOLT THROWER and CARCASS. This is basically a great example of how Death Metal should sound; heavy and crushing. “Thou Shalt Die” is yet another stellar track by this band, with lots of really cool guitar lines. The slow, groove laden “Death at Last” and the album’s eerie final track, “Why Shrink From Death”, bring this album to its climax. The latter in particular is a very interesting song, utilising a piano tune to build the atmosphere up in the song before the riffs kick in. Then it is left to a short“Outro” to take the album to it’s conclusion.

This is by far one of the best Death Metal albums I’ve heard in a good long while. This may, for me, be the best Death Metal release of 2014. It combines the riffs and stylings of the old school scene with other influences, and produces something that will appeal to many. Apart from the occasional, very tiny things, it’s flawless. Definitely give this a listen, and check out the bands earlier work.

Another great review, from Italy and!

Una bellissima copertina di taglio tradizionale, un’intro acustica che prepara al massacro, con una chitarra struggente da cui escono note melanconiche e malate, e poi giù nel più putrido antro dell’inferno, con un growl spaventoso che ci dà il benvenuto in questa ecatombe di anime.

Questo è Crypts Of Ancient Wisdom, ottimo lavoro dei greci Soulskinner, tra death old school e brutal, che farà tornare il sorriso a più di un fan del genere.
Nati dalle ceneri dei Terra Tenebrae, i Soulskinner possono contare sulla collaborazione di vecchi marpioni della scena greca, infatti tra le fila della band troviamo Bill Zobolas (ex Rotting Christ e Thou Art Lord tra le altre) Kostas Savvidis (ex Nightfall) alle pelli, Gothmog con il suo growl cavernoso e malatissimo, prestato anche a Thou Art Lord e Mortify, per finire con Spyros T. alla chitarra (con un passato in Obsecration e Wolfcry).
Insieme dall’ormai lontano duemila, la band è al terzo full-length, un massacrante lavoro nel quale l’esperienza e la bravura dei musicisti coinvolti vengono messe al sevizio di un album affascinante, senza compromessi, un death che passa da atmosfere brutal ad enormi rallentamenti al limite del doom, una valanga di riff macabri, malati, una discesa negli inferi senza nessuna speranza di tornare, il tutto ottimamente elaborato da una band che, senza strafare, impartisce una lezione di genere.
Le origini mediterranee si sentono in qualche assolo e, parlando di metal estremo, la band sprizza maturità in ogni passaggio, ogni nota che fuoriesce dalle casse è esattamente dove dovrebbe stare, facendo in modo che l’atmosfera orrorifica del disco non scenda mai dal livello altissimo che il gruppo tiene per tutto l’album.
Brani grandiosi come The Price Of War, le due parti di Deadland, lo spettacolare e monolitico riff di Death At Last, aprono un passaggio per il regno dei morti, e il perdersi in questo mondo parallelo equivale ad impazzire: i Soulskinner si impossessano delle ormai poche riserve di ragione rimaste e le martirizzano con la conclusiva e superba Why Shrink From Death, un capolavoro con l’inizio preso in prestito dai nostrani Goblin per tornare poi su territori metallici, sempre tormentati da un giro di piano da brividi.
I Soulskinner con quest’album si sono superati, regalando un’opera oltremodo riuscita e consigliata agli appassionati del genere, i quali avranno di che gioire.

horns up for the most metal country of the year,GREECE!! including SOULSKINNER among the greatest others !!!!!!nocleansinging

Before my post next week on the Top 25 albums & Top 5 EP’s of the year, here’s some of my “Other Best Stuff of 2014”.



This one was fairly easy since the beginning of the year.  Aenaon and Hail Spirit Noir started things off with a bang.  Then you had Dead Congregation, Spectral Lore, and Thy Darkened Shade.  You also have quality releases from Shattered Hope, Septuagint, SoulskinnerPrincipality of Hell, Varathron, and a glorious EP from Universe217.


A fantastic review by Two Guys metal reviews!!!

If you’re reading this odds are you’re a metalhead. If you’re a metal band odds are you like bands with bombast, bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Dio, bands that speak to something epic and powerful. Well then, SoulSkinner is right for you, their new record Crypt of Ancient Wisdom is some of the most downright entertaining death metal I have heard ina good long while. See, the band have managed to do what so few of their peers in the genre can handle, they feel epic. When you dig into this record its takes you on a similar journey to a Dio record, even if it is a million times faster, louder, and more brutal.

There is something incredibly entrancing about the punishing grooves found on this record, it speaks to the incredible power that this band has to crush your skull and beat the listener into submission. Yet when you latch on, it’s a joy to dig into. With a suitably epic intro and outro couching ten tracks of death metal madness it’s hard not to fall in love with the encapsulating tracks found on Crypt of Ancient Wisdom. These guys understand what metl is all about and what makes us want to listen to metal, the simple beauty behind just that makes these songs incredibly powerful and easy to listen too. Sure it may be far from the mainstream, but I wholly understand the appeal, it’s music you can feel, and that alone is hard to find these days.

Crypt of Ancient Wisdom is way too much fun to listen to and will keep your body moving and headbanging for many a spin. SoulSkinner understand the core concepts of great songwriting and when these blast beats start going you get that their is a sense ofpurpose behind them. These guys are artists and are getting to a point where they can elevate the genre to a new level. SoulSkinner are probably the most exciting death metal band to ever come out of Greece and I can only see good things happening for them in the years to come.

Great review (in greek) on Under The Sign Of Metal !

Τρίτο Full-length album για τους θρυλικούς Soulskinner,με τον τίτλο Crypts Of Ancient Wisdom. H μπάντα βρίσκεται σε εξαιρετική φόρμα και παρουσιάζει ένα εθιστικό album με απίστευτα riff, δημιουργώντας μια πνιγηρή κολασμένη ατμόσφαιρα.
Η ανατριχιαστική φωνή του Gothmog, που είναι ένα κεφάλαιο από μόνη της για την σκηνή, δεν αφήνει περιθώρια για να μην πωρωθείς με τραγούδια όπως τα,The Captive Trojan Maiden”, “The Price Of War”, “Deadland pt.1”, “Why Shrink From Death” κ.α. ΟΒασίλης Ζόμπολας, στις κιθάρες, έχει καταργήσει κάθε λογική με την έμπνευση του στο μουσικό μέρος, καθώς μην ξεχνάμε και την μουσική για το “Fire & Brimstone” τωνPrincipality Of Hell, αλλά και την συμβολή του στο περσινό αριστούργημα των Thou Art Lord, “The Regal Pulse Of Lucifer”!!! Επίσης στο line up της μπάντας προστέθηκαν, o Kώστας Σαββίδης στα drums (ex-MahakalaKawir) και o Σπύρος Τριανταφύλλου στις κιθάρες! 
Το “Crypts Of Ancient Wisdom” θα ενθουσιάσει τους φίλους συγκροτημάτων, όπως οι Desecresy, Bolt Throwerκαι Asphyx και σίγουρα θα προσθέσει ένα ακόμα αξιόλογο album στο μακρύ κατάλογο της ελληνικής σκηνής.  8,5/ 10
Δημήτρης Άγας


Soulskinner featured on this week’s Sounds From The Heavy Metal Underground:

SOULSKINNER  Crypts of Ancient Wisdom (Xtreem Music)

Xtreem Music always brings us the most extreme metal on the planet and SOULSKINNER is no exception. Tasty, blackened riffs had me flashing the horns and the tracks came in a range of tempos and moods. How did a sweet-tempered angel like me become enamored of such brutal sounding blackened death metal? I’m not sure, but it probably involved a fall from grace. So if you like it, consider yourself fallen in good company. “Deadland pt. 1″ had a perfectly tasty riff while “Deadland pt. 2″ had a brutal drum part while “The Captive Trojan Maiden” actually had aViking metal feel to it.

Soulskinner – Crypts of Ancient Wisdom headbangerreviews

I’m going to give you an equation. Don’t worry if you’re bad at math and you don’t even have to think about answering it.

Greek band + death/black/thrash metal + ancient theme = ???

Turns out that the answer to that equation is Soulskinner’s new album “Crypts of Ancient Wisdom” (told you you didn’t have to think about answering). And when I say this band did exceedingly well at molding death, black, and thrash metal together into one badass album I mean they did extremely well at it! This entire album front to back is absolutely hardcore and brutal with vocals so low that it was very hard to understand what they were saying, and I stopped trying to understand after about a minute because that is a lost cause, my friends. They sounded fantastic nonetheless, however. The same goes for the guitars and the drums which are both brutal to no end and give no signs of letting up the entire album. “Crypts of Ancient Wisdom” is such an album that I would suggest it any day and everyday to anyone who digs ancient-themed metal that is brutal and hardcore to every extent of the word. And this is Soulskinner’s third album so imagine what the first two are like . . .