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Recordings of the new album completed! Get ready for a complete reinstatement in pure, natural and heavy sound of the good old times. Only real deathmetalheads!!! More infos about our next album ,soon ...Stay tuned!!!


OUT NOW :Grave Wax / SOULSKINNER – Grave Of Souls 7”

Featuring one unreleased song of each band! Grave Wax come with Kam Lee (ex-Massacre) on vox, and Mike Smith (ex- Suffocation) this time on drums , offer us a track straight out of the grave... Whereas, Soulskinner present now the Part II of their song Against The Fear Of Death that took place at their previous split with the mighty Greek death metal masters Obsecration. Limited to 500 Hand-Numbered copies! Artwork : Mark Riddick (RIDDICKART) Cost: 6€ For orders / contact :

SEPTICFLESH-official- / SOULSKINNER / Thou Art Lord / W.E.B. members covering Celtic Frost

SEPTICFLESH-official- / SOULSKINNER / Thou Art Lord / W.E.B. members covering Celtic Frost @ the METAL HAMMER GREECE (Official) party for its 31years!!!! Line Up: Sotiris Vayenas (Septicflesh) - Guitar Akis Kapranos (ex-Septicflesh) - Drums Bill Zobolas (Thou Art Lord / Soulskinner) - Bass Sakis Darkface (W.E.B.) - Vocals

By words can not describe feelings. Thank you master. R.I.P

Soulskinner featured in Invisibe Oranges’ scene report on extreme metal coming from Greece.

Η High Voltage Productions, παρουσιάζει:

- ACID DEATH (5 years arise from the Ashes) - AHERUSIA - SOULSKINNER - CAELESTIA - Κυριακή 10 Ιανουαρίου 2016, club Κύτταρο (Ηπείρου 48 & Αχαρνών, Αθήνα) - Προπώληση: 8 euros. - Ταμείο: 11 euros - Σημεία προπώλησης: Sirens records, Metal Era, Bowel Of Noise records, club Bullet - Doors Open: 6.30 PM

Soulskinner with Malevolent Creation after the demolition of Athens. \m/

So, it begins…

  Johan Jansson ( Interment, Moondark,Uncanny, Regurgitate ex-Entombed AD, Centinex) took part on the recordings of the new album...More about recordings to be announced soon!